About Us

The Roots of Earth Tech

I grew up in a small town just outside Regina.

My father, Doug, had an excavating company. He served primarily rural customers. It is where I cut my teeth on heavy equipment.

I eventually went to work for a couple of the larger excavating outfits in Regina. Learned some new techniques and got experience on bigger equipment.

After that, I got called for jobs in the oil patch. Even bigger gear and more challenging conditions.

After accumulating so many years of experience operating heavy equipment, I decided to launch out on own and I founded Earth Tech.

We strive to cultivate strong relationships.

I’m grateful to say that proof is in the number of customers who keep repeating their business with us.

We also aim to keep pace with the changing demands of the excavating industry.

Over the last few years, we made significant investments in equipment, both larger and smaller, so that we can tackle a greater variety of jobs than ever before.

On behalf of everyone at Earth Tech, we thank our customers and our friends for making these past years a success.

And we look forward to the many, new relationships we will make over the coming years.